San Francisco Tail Club

Welcome to The Tail Club! We are a family owned business on a mission to give your dog the most stimulating pack adventures of their life! We provide a safe but liberating daily off leash pack experience implementing core skills training. We keep our packs consistent. This builds strong social bonds that boost confidence to be comfortable with situations and stimuli that otherwise may be too intimidating. We make sure your pet is happy, comfortable, loved and hydrated throughout our adventures!

We keep it fun and mix it up! We take our packs to parks all around the city! We host monthly meet ups with our clients so you can watch your pup play with their friends and learn about what we do! It is our promise to provide your pet with a level of love and care that is second to none! With over a decade of experience you can be sure your dog is in safe hands. We are first aid and CPR certified, licensed and insured!

A little about us...

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SF Tail club’s owner, Ashley, has been happily providing all around dog care in the city of San Francisco for over a decade. Ashley worked at a doggie daycare for years that won Best of the Bay numerous times. At the daycare she learned to bathe, trim nails and do basic hygiene practices on dogs, cats and even rabbits! She watched and cared for up to 30 dogs a day. Taking them on walks and boarding as well, she has mastered all types of personalities, from nervous and timid to rambunctious and vocal. Ashley then passed her skills along to her sister Shannon and brother in law Kelly who share her same passion for dogs! They truly love their work and have gained the knowledge and experience by working with all breeds of all ages. Ashley and Shannon are proud to announce that they are in the process of becoming certified Master Trainers! We cannot wait to provide you and your pet with the best care in the city!

Dog Safe Certified


Memberships are priced per month, individual services are per service

SF Tail Club also offers boarding, bathing, nail trims and more! Book your spot at the Club today! Call/text/email Ashley with any questions. 415-618-9679

Pack Adventures Membership


M-F 1hr adventures with a consistent pack. Working daily on the core commands of sit, down, recall, impulse control and leave it.

Daycare Membership


An alternative to doggie daycare, 3x 1hr walks. Working daily on the core commands of sit, down, recall, impulse control and leave it.

Pack Adventures and Care Membership

$725 (save $60 over paying for each service individually)

1 Bath a month (shampoo, conditioner, de-shed and blow out), Plus all other services as needed during the month. Text Ashley to set up an appointment.

Individual Care Services

  • Bath (shampoo, conditioner, de-shed and blow out) SM-$65 M-$75 L-$85 G-$95
  • Nails $20
  • Anal Gland expression $20
  • Ear and face wrinkle Cleaning $20
  • Sanitary trim (rear end trim and clean up) $30


In Client's Home or

Home Away From Home

$95 per 24Hr

$20 pick-up/drop-off fee added after 5pm and on weekends